kewiki (kˈəwˈēkē) – Hawaiian
A variation of the English word “David”; also translated as “spared”.

About Kewiki Studios

In 2004, Dave Temple started Kewiki Studios as a freelancer working odd jobs here and there. Initially the work focused on design, but as clients needs expanded, so did the services being offered. We are now a full-service agency that believes that people are number one and the projects come second. We want the overall experience to be fun for you and our team.

But wait, where did the name come from? It all started when Dave was a camp counselor and wanted to do a team-building activity. The activity involved a Hawaiian to English dictionary and everyone was to figure out what their Hawaiian name was. For Dave, it was “Kewiki” and the name just kind of stuck.

When starting the business, Dave had to come up with a name and Kewiki Studios was born. In 2009, Dave signed up for a Twitter account and chose the username @kewiki. In 2010, Instagram came out. So choosing @kewiki as a username just seemed right. Since then, the “Kewiki” name has become Internationally known and was even the pen name of Dave’s first children’s book, “Wilbur the Ant: Wilbur Moves to the Country“.

Like our tagline says, “fun to say. fun to work with.”!